How (and when) to buy tickets

Tickets on sale now!

Buy Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for MNPolyCon 2020.

We will have pricing for early bird (now), regular sale, and day-of sales (at the door)

Tickets will be sold through Purple Pass 


Please note: MNPolyCon and the host facility bans weapons and alcohol.

Please no scents, no photography, no illegal or illicit substances. This is an 18+ event.

Also note that our host facility, MCTC, is a smoke-free campus:

Minneapolis College declares all campus buildings to be smoke free in accordance with Minnesota State law. Smoking outside of campus buildings is allowed only in designated smoking areas.

This policy prohibits the use of smoking/smokeless tobacco products and all vapor smoking products on campus property outside of the designated smoking areas. The use of hookas are prohibited on all campus property.

How to buy Merchandise

MnPoly is designing a variety of MnPoly and MnPolyCon merchandise to fit all of your needs! Don’t see something you want? Let us know!


Our product selection will keep growing, check back often!

Product Link coming soon!