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We couldn’t do this without our amazing community. Join us and become a presenter! 

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Planning is in Progress!

\/\/\/  Information & Suggested Topics  \/\/\/

Cost = $0

All chosen presenters are asked to do a 1 hour workshop, panel, or presentation. For that labor, you get a free ticket for the conference. 

Stay On Topic

Your presentation can be about anything relating to Polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Consensual Non-Monogamy or other forms of Non-Monogamy. It is helpful if you tie it somehow to this year’s theme: 

        Building Community 2023

Presentation Ideas

  • Subgroups of Non-Monogamy
  • Rebuilding post covid
  • Remote to hybrid and in-person relationships
  • Building polycules/ dating post covid
  • What does it mean to belong?
  • Tips on/language of inclusivity
  • Families and polycule interaction
  • Men and polyamory: the Gentle in Gentleman

Presenter at Podium

“I have presented at two MNPolyCons and always find it a great time to explore complex themes with folx who are ready to open up and dig deep with others who are also bravely living their truth: that love is not scarce and we don’t need to hide it.”

– Marie Le Page

Committee Volunteers Needed!!

  • Contacting Vendors
  • Acquiring Swag material
  • Assisting other Committee members
  • Attending monthly meetings

Day-of Volunteers Needed

  • Set-Up/Clean-up
  • Go-For
  • Registration Support
  • Vendor Check-In
  • Presenter Support

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