Please use the link below for more information on becoming a presenter and to propose your workshop/panel

Click Here

We also are looking to host 15+ business vendors and information booths. The space is inclusive and accessible. We will be labelling restrooms as gender-neutral restrooms and there are elevators between floors.

Doors open at 8:30 am for attendees pick up your registration packet and then mingle with other members of the ENM community.
Enjoy the vendor tables and a cup of coffee provided by the MNPolyCon committee.

At 9am, we will start with a short welcome by our Emcee.

As the day progresses, choose from different breakout sessions that include various interactive presentations and discussions on the topic of ENM or other related topics. 

Lunch is not included. Food can be bought ahead when you buy your ticket or delivered on-site by attendees. There is no on-site refrigeration available to attendees.
There will be 2 hours for attendees to eat and enjoy the vendor and information tables.